New Products

One of our missions is to provide quality medical products to the market that helps improve the quality of life of the people using them and the businesses that sell them. We often work with a variety of partners and our sister company, Lake Erie Wholesale Medical to make these products available to the market.
One of the issues many people face today is finding non-narcotic ways to manage pain they may be experiencing from old injuries, or simply some of the pain felt as we age. Here are two products we believe will help people find a better way to manage pain in a safe, natural and effective way.

Speed Gel

Speed Gel is a revolutionary over the counter gel that changes the way people deal with pain, inflammation, and bruising. For many reasons people are turning away from pills, injections, and oily rubs to deal with pain. Speed Gel utilizes a patented technology to deliver the powerful pain relief through skin and soft tissue to provide fast and effective pain relief. It is a common treatment for:

Arthritis Repetitive use Injuries
Strains Acute Injuries
Sprains Stiffness

It doesn’t matter if you received your injury on the job or playing on the field or suffer from the effects of arthritis; Speed Gel provides targeted, safe, and effective relief. The benefits of Speed Gel include:

  • Solves the CAUSE of the pain, not just the symptoms.
  • It is a topical gel, so there is no stomach irritation.
  • Contains no strong odors and does not cause hot and cold sensations
  • Non-narcotic and non-addictive and has no known drug interactions or side effects
  • All natural ingredients increase blood flow to utilize your body’s own healing systems

To learn more please download our informative information resource sheet here.

LidoPatch Pain Relief Patch (OTC)

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