Hospital Systems and ACO's

QCP offers many solutions for hospital systems and ACO's.

We are a Wholesaler and offer generics purchased directly from virtually every generic manufacturer licensed in the USA, at competitive prices.

We are a licensed Re-packager with the FDA.

Dispense Pre-packaged new scripts:

  • To reduce hospital Re-Admissions
  • To Synchronize prescriptions and reduce ER visits and hospital stays
  • To provide Pre-packaged medication to be dispensed at the point of care to Work-Comp, Occupational, Urgent Care Clinics
  • To dispense the First Script at the point of care in your PCP Clinics to increase compliant and to reduce Non-compliance by as much as 33%. Quickly address patient concerns such as pill size, taste, allergies, cost of medicine, etc
  • To your Home Based and hospice patients
  • To your pharmacies and clinics for your Employees' Chronic Medications
  • To access a new revenue stream for Commercial Patients

Why should you utilize QCP for your pharmaceutical repackaging?

QCP is a federally FDA-licensed Re-packager that sells a full range of pharmaceuticals nationally throughout the USA. We are state-licensed and sell in 44 States and including Hawaii and Alaska. In addition:

  • Competitive Pricing: We provide our medications at wholesale level cost, providing you with excellent profit margins.

  • Exceptional Customer Service: We have field representatives as well as an inside support person dedicated to you. Your team will be able to provide you excellent and timely assistance when you need to reach someone.
  • We value the opportunity to do business with you, we invite you take the opportunity to contact us to discuss how we can help you improve your operations and standards.