Clinic Pharmacies

QCP is a federally licensed drug re-packager and National provider of in-office medication dispensaries. QCP re-packages prescription and OTC medications, in ready to dispense “unit of use” packages for your clinic. We are licensed by the FDA and DEA and practice SIX SIGMA. We enable our clients to dispense only the highest quality, “unit of use” pharmaceuticals directly to the patient at the point of care in the same time that it takes to dispense and document a sample.

We offer three business models for clinics: CASH, WORK COMP, and COMMERCIAL.

CASH: Almost everyone has some CASH patients. Urgent Care clinics dispense primarily for CASH.

WORK COMP: Physicians who treat work worker's compensation patients dispense.

COMMERCIAL: We offer QCP NetwoRx, to enroll you in Network's so that you can bill virtually all of the PBM's (Pharmacy benefit managers), just like a pharmacy.

We work with most pharmacy software companies so that you can print PAL sheets, patient labels, and provide inventory management.

You may be asking yourself why should I dispense directly to my patients? We have six reasons why…

  1. Compliance: 30% of the scripts written are never filled! By dispensing medications at the point of care, you have greater control over outcome management. Point of Care dispensing ensures that your patients prescriptions will be filled. Often you will be able to provide them with a lower cost generic!

  2. Cost Reduction: While there are profits to be made by dispensing, more importantly, Doctors can increase their HEDIS scores-ask us how. Most of our Doctors also increase their generic compliance, and can benefit if they participate in risk-bearing programs. ACOs, MSOs, and physicians can increase their HEDIS scores-ask us how.

  3. Convenience: With a family's busy schedules your patients will appreciate receiving their script at the point of care. You can dispense the 1st dose before they leave your office.

  4. Cost Effective: Save your patients money. The average generic co-pay in the U.S. was $20.00 in 2003 according to the NWDA. That is up from only $5.00 in 1999 – a 400% increase in 3 years! If the co-pay is $20.00 and you sell it for $15.00, then your patient saves $5.00. A Win – Win for both doctor and patient!

  5. Confidentiality: Patients that are coming to your clinic to receive treatment for S.T.D’s, or E.D., and other illnesses would rather keep it confidential. Instead they will be very grateful when they can get the prescription in your office at the point of care.

  6. Comfort: 30 years ago, almost all doctors dispensed prescription medications in their offices. Patients were very comfortable getting their meds from their doctor then and they are just as comfortable doing so today. If you can help your patient save money, keep their medications confidential and provide the convenience of in-office dispensing they will be even more satisfied.
Some types of clinics where QCP In-Office Medication Dispensing has proven to be successful include:

Anesthesiologists Urgent Care Clinics
Neurologists Occupational Clinics
Orthopedic Clinics Physical Med & Rehab
Neuro Surgeons Manage Service Organzations (MSOs)
Hospital and VA Clinics Psychiatrist
Multi-Specialty Surgery Centers College and University Dispensaries

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